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I Got Salsa represents a new standard in salsa making – small batch, gourmet, high quality products made with fresh ingredients purchased from local farmers and specialty markets with no added preservatives. Jendayi Lynn’s original recipes use  fresh ingredients and sea salt, accommodating a new era of “socially conscious foodies” and knowledgeable consumers looking for locally-based products made with the best ingredients available.

I Got Salsa was born in a classic Midtown Baltimore row home at a Cinco de Mayo party in 2012. Owner Jendayi Lynn invited some folks to a “Tequila & Tasting” Party and ended up serving nearly a gallon before the night was through.  

The I Got Salsa business model includes an on-the-job training program for Baltimore City residents that leads to permanent employment & opportunities for profit sharing/cooperative ownership. The target date for the first training cohort is September 2014.


dayi Lynn, Chief Executive & Salsa Chef
Jendayi Lynn started mixing salsa to get into tailgating. 
It worked, she kept at it, and now she makes the most sensational salsa!!! 
She comes up with new recipes all the time, and we love to be around when she does. 
We can't get enough!!

Butch Hall - "The Coffee Can"
Butch makes sure everything fits when 
and where it needs to, literally and figuratively!
He's responsible for logistics, so this ship 
wouldn't run without him...and that's it!